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About the SDS

Green Park Development Wayfinding
Our membership is international and includes individuals and organisations involved in commissioning, specifying, managing, designing, fabricating and implementing wayfinding, environmental/experiential graphics and signage projects.

Through our academic institution package we engage with the next generation of practitioners and provide a channel for disseminating the latest research and thinking.

To demonstrate their commitment to innovation and good practice, all members are entitled to display the membership logo within their business communications.

Our interests

Our interests extend across a wide range of disciplines and design skills including:

  • Wayfinding strategy development and design
  • Environmental/experiential graphic design
  • Place branding and brand implementation
  • Graphic design and typography
  • Mapping
  • Information design
  • Product design
  • Ergonomics, usability and human behaviour
  • Language translation services
  • Location based technologies
  • Architecture, interior, landscape and lighting design

Our purpose is to:

  • Inform and provide platforms for dialogue and collaboration
  • Promote better understanding of the importance of signing, wayfinding and environmental/experiential graphic design
  • Encourage greater focus in the design disciplines, in industry and in education
  • Stimulate innovation and promote good practice

We do this through: