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Established in 1997, Whybrow is an award winning, independent wayfinding and graphic design agency.

We provide a full wayfinding and design service for clients and architects alike, either at the front end – analysis and strategy, or at the point of delivery – specification development and implementation management.

Wayfinding analysis deals with the identification of visitor types, their flow routes and needs, not only through signing but lighting, building finishes, environmental graphics and art installations. Naturally this now encompasses digital wayfinding where appropriate – to encourage interaction and enhance the visitor experience.

With most projects we like to conduct visitor/staff research and consider human behavioural factors in order that we have evidence-based research to hand prior to embarking on the design process.

We approach each project with a fresh eye, together with our failsafe methodology of applied theory, creative thinking and rigorous user-testing. We believe in building integrity; specifying materials and techniques that complement the architectural and physical qualities of the spaces we’re working within.

We are team players who enjoy working with clients, stakeholders and architects on stimulating projects. To summarise – we are passionate about our subject and the quality of our work is of paramount importance to us.

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