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Hong Kong-based Atelier Pacific marks 25th anniversary with ‘Art Tram’ design

Examples of Atelier Pacific designed trams for Hong Kong Tramways (as part of their 25th anniversary of having a studio there)

Congratulations to Hong Kong-based multidisciplinary, public space design studio and SDS member Atelier Pacific. They are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary working in the region and looking forward to the next 25 years with the opening of a new office in Shanghai.

Additionally, as a tribute to Hong Kong where they have successfully operated since the mid-90s, Atelier Pacific have recently collaborated with Hong Kong Tramways. Trams have been designed which showcase quirky, graphic representations of iconic city views. The ‘Art Tram’ design is a form of tribute to the positive energy for which Hong Kong is renowned. It also acknowledges the design studio’s contribution to the cityscape (in projects such as the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Louis Vuitton and MTR Corporation). Atelier Pacific founder and director Nic Banks summed up the collaboration as contributing “something non-commercial and invest in a design that would bring a positive message to the Hong Kong people at the start of the year and the start of our next 25 years of business.”