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David Catanach signs off from ISA-UK

Road disappearing into the sunset with coming years marking the way aheadThe end of June ’21 marked David Catanach’s last day as Director at ISA-UK (formerly known as BSGA until 2019). He already has his retirement mapped out: “I have never been more excited for the future and can now look forward to fulfilling my plans, goals, successes, and probably a few new world beers or bourbon/rye whiskey tasting sessions but this time, not just at weekends!”

Commenting on his 30+ years working in our industry: “I would like to thank you all for the privilege of being able to work with so many clever, interesting, generous and unselfish people … you know who you are. It has been time well spent in what truly is a fantastic industry to have a career.”

A fitting tribute to David Catanach’s career and involvement in the SDS comes from former Sign Design Society Chair Mike Wolff:

“David was long a member of SDS and, representing the UK sign manufacturing industry, BSGA (now ISA-UK) nicely complemented the SDS’s main focus of sign design and the human interaction with signs. This was a symbiosis which led, amongst much else, to our direct participation on the judging panel of BSGA’s annual Sign Awards.  David was a deeply knowledgeable and enthusiastic professional but also a really fun guy to work with, as many the odd pint or two in Newark, St Pancras and elsewhere will attest. Much of what we see at today’s thriving ISA-UK will be down to him, but although I guess David may miss the daily cut and thrust, he will surely need no arrows to direct him in his retirement! ”

We second Mike’s words and wish David Catanach all the best for the future.