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Zagreb’s new transit map, co-designed by Robert Čanak and Jug Cerović

Zagreb transit map by Robert Canak and Jug CervovicA well-crafted transit map enhances the experience of navigating a town or city not only for the local population but also for visitors including tourists.
SDS overseas member Robert Čanak is a wayfinding strategist with a background in visual communications. Robert and his family recently relocated to Zagreb after living in Doha (Qatar) for over a decade. Robert conceived the idea of designing an easy to understand transit map for the Croatian capital for his wife (a non-Croatian, unfamiliar with the its capital city) to enable her to find her way around independently in the early days of living there.
Via social media, Čanak made a connection with architect and cartographer, Jug Cerović. Cerović
has extensive experience mapping public transportation systems internationally, including designing a new bus map for Luxembourg City. He had independently been working on a mapping project of Zagreb city centre’s public transport system since  2013. Together Cerović and Čanak collaborated to combine the best aspects of their two maps into a hybrid one for the city.
In creating their new transit map for Zagreb, Čanak and Cerović aimed to: make the city centre much easier to navigate; simplify the routes; use depth of colour to show transport frequency; and manage data density by centring the map at the main Zagreb train station. Wayfinder and cartographer together have created a Zagreb public transportation map which they hope will grow beyond its primary purpose into a memorable and iconic feature of the Croatian capital’s visual identity.