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CAE’s FREE inclusive design modular course opportunity for young Londoners with a disability

A year ago I didn’t know anything about inclusive design, but the training I’ve received has helped me repair my self-confidence and believe that, yes, I can do this. Now, I’m part of a new community and I feel like this career was destined for me.”(2020-2021 Pathways Academy trainee Sana).

The Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) is recruiting again to offer funded inclusive design modular course for disabled Londoners aged 18 to 30.

Trainees will be provided with training delivered in two-day modules over a period of nine months. The course which starts in October ’21 includes topics such as: the principles of inclusive design; access auditing; website accessibility; designing for neurodiversity; and more. Students will also get hands-on experience from shadowing an access professional.

Find out more about the experiences of last year’s trainees (four of whom are now working in the access and inclusion sector), and apply for your place on the upcoming course: The deadline for applications is 30 September ’21.

For any enquiries relating to this course, email:

[Pathways supports CAE’s mission to create a more accessible environment, by upskilling young people to take on roles in access and inclusion.]