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Brand Refresh For Wayfinding Consultants f.r.a.

FRA Creative Business Cards

Wayfinding consultants f.r.a. have completed a refresh of their brand and communication materials. The new branding, created in-house, reflects the studio’s approach to design by blending classic elements with expressive use of patterns and a slightly cheeky tone of voice. The core visual identity brings punctuation into the f.r.a. logo mark. The formal humanist typeface (Nimbus Sans) is paired with three geometric full-stops, the building blocks of their approach: thinking, feeling, doing.

The brand’s tone of voice puts a twist on what f.r.a might stand for (Fran Raybould Associates) in a word game they call ‘f.r.a.-sing’. The visual language is strictly black or white, with colour only being used to represent project work. A dozen striking patterns are used to make communications dynamic and reflect f.r.a.’s offer.

“It was the right time to look at our own brand”, says Design Director Wesley Meyer. “We’re  approach-ing 10 years as a team. The market and our clients want wayfinding and brand that gets the job done but also has a personality and strong sense of identity…It’s refreshing to take a moment and let our brand catch up with the work we’re delivering for others.”

f.r.a. were shortlisted for the 2018 Design Week awards in wayfinding. They work with clients including: LandSec, The Crown Estate, L&G and Queensbury. They are based in Shropshire and deliver projects globally.