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Case study: Butterfield Group creates signage for ‘B Works Powered by Yorkshire Bank’ flagship branch in Manchester

Project Name: B Works Powered by Yorkshire Bank

Clients: Yorkshire Bank

Sector: Other (Financial)

Location: Manchester – Flagship (UK)

Role: Branding, sign design concept and build in conjunction with designers I-AM and the CYBG team direct. Service delivered included full sign manufacture and site installation.

The Brief: I-AM and CYBG established the concept ‘B Works’ to focus on a new type of banking environment – a financial lifestyle space. The intention was to transform the physical relationship between the bank and its customers. The underpinning idea is that banking should be inspired by the notion of ‘Learn. Work. Bank.’ It is a response to the current needs of SME’s, business owners and private customers, who have shifted to digital banking. The aim is to turn the traditional in-branch experience on its head and instead offer an innovative and inspiring journey. The design of the signage was tasked with reflecting this new approach.

Outcome: A new destination, 1000+ square meters spread across three floors, offering a new concept where learning, working and banking combine. Put another way, a shared ecosystem facilitating communal learning, working and banking where new ideas can be generated and shared. The hyper-flexible space features a bookable social media studio; private meeting rooms; hot desks and long-term desks; Wi-Fi and charging points; an open event zone for guest talks and panel sessions; digital skill workshop and training spaces; mindfulness classrooms; a showcase area for promotion of local businesses; and a coffee area for discussion and/or receipt of expert advice.

All signage (main identification signage, graphic imagery, internal bespoke signage components etc.) are a reflection of the bank as a financial lifestyle space.

Sign design and build included the recommendation of materials and manufacturing techniques to achieve the look and feel. The overall effect is a bank not as you know it, but a completely new banking environment!

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Butterfield Group internal signage for B Works Powered by Yorkshire Bank