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CCD Design & Ergonomics rebrands to Mima

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CCD Design & Ergonomics has rebranded to Mima. Find out more about the London-based consultancy’s history, rebrand and who they are.
Rebranding gives a new name and a new look to the company formerly known as CCD Design & Ergonomics but it’s still very much business as usual for Mima, with the same ethos that has placed human-centred design at the heart of the company’s design process for over forty years.
David Watts, Managing Director, commented: “The company I joined in the 90s identified itself as an ergonomics consultancy that specialised in control rooms but now in 2021 we have a team with incredibly diverse disciplines and skillsets, from wayfinding to accessibility and inclusion to service design; we have a much greater diversity of people in the company and therefore the positioning of us as ergonomics and design consultancy felt obsolete. 
We’re still the same people, with the same 40 years of experience and dedication to being the best at what we do.”