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NEW Chapter 6 of Traffic Signs Manual now available

Cover of Chapter 6 of the Department of Transport's Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 6 (White text on a green background)

Through the Traffic Signs Manual, the Department for Transport provides guidance to traffic authorities and sign designers on good practice in respect of the design and use of traffic signs to provide appropriate and adequate information for road users.

The newly revised Chapter 6 (Traffic Control) contains advice recommended for those designing traffic signal junctions and crossings on roads with a speed limit of 40 mph and under, particularly in urban areas. It also provides guidance on the design of wig‑wag signals, tram signals and lane control signals.

Online versions of all Chapters are available to download in PDF format from the Department’s website. Printed copies can be purchased from The Stationery Office.

[Other useful and related DfT transport and traffic sign information links can be found on the published reports page of the Members’ Area of our website. Members, you will need to log in to access them.]