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Ivy Fung

I have 11 years’ experience in environmental branding, signage and wayfinding. I work as a developer for K11 Art Mall currently and have previous experience working for international architectural and interior design firms (Benoy, Aedas and M Moser). I am used to collaborating with clients, architects and interior designers on projects across shopping malls, workplaces, hospitality and entertainment sectors. My clients include HSBC, Unilever, Lotte, Hang Seng Bank, Tencent, K11 Malls, LKF Group, Grand Hyatt, Waldorf Astoria, etc.

In my current position, I prepare and present high level and conceptual presentations to stakeholders and senior management teams. I’ve previously gained experience in presenting my design concepts to clients, sometimes leading the design team to do so. I have worked on projects from conception to completion

My work has been well received by clients. My multi-disciplinary background and involvement in projects across different disciplines reflect my proven passions for art, design and architecture.

Although I am currently based in Hong Kong, I am preparing to relocate to the UK in early 2021. I am seeing a position as a senior graphic designer in branding, wayfinding and signage/information design.





Location: Hong Kong (+852) 96077169.