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John Webb

JW (John Webb) logo, black text on white backgroundJohn Webb is a signage and wayfinding consultant based in Kent. He started his career in sign making with a sign painting apprenticeship back in 2008, learning traditional techniques and skills from experienced craftsmen, including hand
painted lettering to precious metal gilding. On completion of his apprenticeship, he went on to work for a specialist sign company that provided bespoke solutions to the licensed trade and leisure industries. He has since worked freelance for various sign companies across the south east which has helped him expand on his knowledge of the sign making industry.

John is currently a signage and wayfinding consultant at FWDP, specialising in interpretation, wayfinding, heritage and public realm schemes. With his varied experience John can offer advice and consultation on all stages of the manufacturing process for bespoke signage projects of all scales, from design through to implementation. He enjoys and actively pursues finding manufacturing solutions for unique and creative wayfinding strategies.

In all projects, John strives to embrace the clients’ needs by understanding the environment, branding and obstacles enabling him to offer a range of consultative services specific to the needs of each individual commission.

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