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The Velvet Principle

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The Velvet Principle is a design consultancy specialising in wayfinding and creating branded environments. The services we provide include: –

  • Development of wayfinding strategies
  • Sign design (both content and sign hardware)
  • Design & implementation of brand within the built environment
  • Experiential graphics (including super graphics, manifestation, hoardings & banners)
  • Customer service kiosks and street furniture


We bring an understanding of human behaviour and the cognitive processes involved in navigation with the ability to understand and interpret the architectural design and brand intent. Combining these with technical skills in 3D/product, print and digital design enables us to develop bespoke, creative solutions that deliver the functional requirement, communicate the personality of the brand and contribute to the overall aesthetic.

Totem Design for The Lexicon, Bracknell

The Lexicon, Backnell – Wayfinding and Sign Design

Location: West London 020 8744 9283