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Reade Signs employee wins BSA 2018 Young Signmaker of The Year

Marc Kisko (BSA 2018 Young Signmaker of the Year winner) receiving his award from Steve Davis and Rob Goleniowski

From Reade Signs apprentice to this year’s Young Signmaker of the Year, congratulations to Marc Kisko. Marc, aged 22, has been with SDS member Reade Signs for four years, completing his apprenticeship in just one year rather than the usual 18 months. The BSA 2018 is awarded in recognition of Marc’s thirst for knowledge, drive for personal development and for working brilliantly as part of the company’s team. His work ethos epitomises the drive and flexibility that have been at the core of Reade Signs’ growth and reflects the philosophy of Andy Reade, the company’s founder.

Andy Fergus Smith, MD of Reade Signs, who attended the 8 November award ceremony with Marc, commented: “From the outset, Marc has shown dedication…and demonstrated real development and problem-solving skills…”

David Catanach, BSGA Director said: “The Young Signmaker of the Year award is designed to highlight how vital training and apprenticeships are to the sign industry. Young people are the future…and unless we provide them with the right training, the industry will struggle in the years to come. This year, we had a record entry for the award, demonstrating that enlightened companies continue to invest in young people, but it is essential that more sign businesses follow their lead. Our congratulations to Marc and to Reade Signs for showing the way.”