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Help Buro Happold make the Museum of London more accessible for people with visual impairment

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The Buro Happold Inclusive Design team and the Museum of London are currently researching visually impaired people’s experiences of museums and galleries.

The survey aims to gather insights from people with visual impairment to evaluate past experiences and explore potential future provisions within the new Museum of London (set to open in 2024). A sighted person can complete the survey on behalf of a visually impaired person if they accompanied them on a museum visit and gained sufficient insights through that.
Please share this survey link
( with anyone with a visual impairment you think would be interested in sharing their experiences. The soft deadline for survey submissions is mid-August ’21, or 20th July for those interested in taking part in further research in the form of a site visit.
At the end of the survey there is an opportunity to register interest in ongoing research involving interviews and a site visit to the Museum of London. If you register interest and later change your mind, you are under no obligation to participate and can withdraw at any time.
Survey participants will have the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher from a prize draw by providing their email address when prompted at the end of the survey.

Any queries relating to this research or if you require the survey in an alternative format, please contact Elle Beange who works in the Inclusive Design team at Buro Happold directly: email: / phone: +44 (0)207 927 9700.