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Update on the SDS 2020 event programme

This year’s event programme may be on pause for the time being but in the meantime, why not take a break from working from home to enjoy livestreams and presentation PDFs of seminars past? Available to all paid-up SDS members via the Talks Archive (you will need to log in to access them). Amongst the talks, find out more about: type tourism; inclusive wayfinding design; emerging navigation and display technologies; measuring design effectiveness and a celebration of the best in British wayfinding.

The 19th March event was postponed and the scheduled 22nd April one too. Below are overviews of both. While you’re working from home, why not read around the talk themes, using the publications and podcasts suggested by our speakers as your starting point?

Climate Emergency: towards a sustainable future

Speakers: Nick Hughes (UCL), Mark Lightfoot (Modulex UK) and Adele Orcajada (MaterialDriven)

This event explores how ‘green thinking’ can be applied to wayfinding design and manufacturing processes and the lifecycle of products. The evening’s speakers include Mark Lightfoot from Modulex providing insights into the company’s approach. We will also hear from Adele Orcajada from MaterialDriven about ‘future-proofing’ and the types of materials and innovation that can provide the toolkit for better and more environmentally sustainable architecture, urban environments, wayfinding, and smarter products. Nick Hughes from UCL will introduce two important framing concepts, ‘the circular economy’ and resource management hierarchy, for understanding resource efficiency.  Practical examples of how such principles can be implemented will also be explored, including cases involving materials and production, energy efficiency, power and lighting, and ‘ecodesign’ principles to reduce waste and extend life.

Suggested reading list:

Wayfinding: The art and science of how we find and lose our way 

Speaker and author: Michael Bond

Michael Bond will explore how humans are thought to have developed navigation skills, and why wayfinding would have been so useful to our prehistoric ancestors, looking at the brain mechanisms that keep us orientated and how they shape our spatial behaviour. He will also touch on individual differences in navigation and wayfinding abilities: why some people are so much better than others at finding their way.

Suggested reading list:


Behind the scenes, we continue to plan for seminars for this year, hopeful that we will soon be able to resume them. We are also currently considering alternative ways of delivering seminar content to you. Any ideas? Please do get in touch.

Aside from postponing our monthly events, it’s business as usual for the Society. Keep connected, use our resources and contribute your news, views and projects to share with fellow SDS members and other website visitors. Keep a lookout for our fortnightly e-newsletter updates (sign up here to receive them if you don’t already do so) and new initiatives from us to facilitate open and ongoing dialogue within our community.