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Steer and Jedco win Paddington Connections competition with a poetic twist!

Photo showing wayfinding perforated steel panels, with patterns and stories derived from Paddington’s heritage, culture, people and nature create a narrative trail linking the gateways to the canal.

SDS members Steer and Jedco Product Design have been appointed to design a graphically led wayfinding programme across Paddington. The team are working with Poet in the City, who have been commissioned to curate unique and personal local narratives to guide people through the area. The aim is to create a sense of place, that reveals Paddington’s hidden assets and identifies key gateways to the canalside.

The design features a series of perforated, patterned steel panels, which will communicate locally inspired stories, poetry and art within the urban fabric. The panels play with light and shadow, responding to passing movement to engage visitors in an immersive experience. The trail will link the gateways to the regenerated Grand Union Canalside and its amenities and will cover three key themes:

  • nature  – highlighting the natural environment;
  • local heritage – celebrating the industrial past and scientific pioneers who contributed to developing the area;
  • personal connections – uncovering everyday life in the neighbourhood, through the eyes of local people.

Transport weaves through these themes, in recognition of Paddington’s significant role in the past, present and future of transport.

The project is already underway, with an expected launch date in spring/summer 2020.