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Remembering June Fraser, pioneering graphic designer, former SDS Chair and co-author of the Sign Design Guide

Image of June Fraser (graphic designer)


Many of you will be aware of recent tributes to June Fraser, following her death at the age of 88 earlier this summer.  The Guardian’s obituary (02/08/2019), written by her daughter Zoe Cull, summed June up as: “Energetic, ambitious, practical and hard-working… Her appreciation of good design and aesthetics extended to every area of her life, including her home, her garden and her wardrobe.”

A pioneer in the field of graphic design, with a prolific output, June’s  work, using simple, streamlined and very striking designs, has left its mark on many of the brands for which she worked. She also helped to pave the way for a generation of women designers.

In her long and illustrious career June became the first female president of the Chartered Society of Designers (1983). She also served as a governor for several colleges of art and her old school. Most significantly for those of us working in wayfinding and environmental graphics, June Fraser was a director and later chair (1995-97) of our own Sign Design Society.

For many years June was the editor and driving force behind Directions, the SDS newsletter. Members can read digital copies of later editions, by logging into the Articles and Features section of the website. In 2000 together with Peter Barker, she co-authored the Sign Design Guide. This publication remains much in demand today, and is still recognised as the ‘go to’ guide for designing clear, effective and inclusive wayfinding solutions in complex environments.

If you’d like to hear more about June’s life and work, listen to this recent BBC Radio 4 Last Word podcast which includes a short interview with her daughter.