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SDS former co-chair Colette Jeffrey becomes a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation

PIcture of Dr Colette Jeffrey receiving her Royal Institute of Navigation fellowshipCongratulations to Dr Colette Jeffrey, Director and co-chair of the Sign Design Society, who has been made a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation. Colette’s Fellowship comes in recognition of her ’significant contribution to the design of inclusive human navigation systems, research on navigator cognition and her work for the RIN’. She has become increasingly involved in the RIN since presenting at a Navigation conference in 2017, with a talk on sign design and maps that was a welcome anomaly amongst talks on positioning technology, satellite and space navigation and how to get really accurate timing. The RIN has embraced Colette’s ideas on human indoor navigation (or wayfinding), as well as recognising the benefit of considering differences in human behaviour, our navigation ability and the need for inclusive navigation solutions. Colette is an active member of the Cognition & Navigation special interest group, and of the newly formed Outdoor Adventure Navigation group, and will continue to promote sign design and the wayfinding design industry within the RIN.