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Tate St Ives works with CCD to create new wayfinding system

Picture of stairway with signage for Tate by CCD
CCD has created a new wayfinding system for the newly expanded and refurbished Tate St Ives. The integrated system guides visitors into and through the new Tate St Ives gallery, improved visitor facilities, and improved events and exhibitions spaces, merging the new and original spaces, as well as improving local links, encouraging people into the gallery.

CCD’s programme included research, strategy and design stages with staff and visitors being questioned and workshops utilised to evaluate previous wayfinding challenges and identify the needs of the new structure. From this a temporary wayfinding system was created enabling observational testing and refinement allowing a full system to be ready for the opening of the new extension.
Picture of wayfinding signage at Tate by CCD
Jane Richardson, Head of Marketing, St Ives says, “The Tate St Ives Project is an enormous undertaking for us, transforming the existing building as well as creating a fantastic new gallery and visitor facilities. CCD has focused on understanding the needs of visitors throughout the building.”

The new system creates a sense of ‘wandering’, encouraging people to visit all the gallery spaces which have been renumbered to make the layout more intuitive. The signage is a 3D circle, reflecting the architecture of the gallery and its origins – a gasometer. Signs are colour-matched to each gallery and respect Tate guidelines, ensuring a common brand experience at all Tate galleries.