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Thank you to our 2017 speakers and hosts

composite photos of SDS talks
In a great example of circularity, the 2017 SDS talks programme kicked off at Pascall+Watson with the fascinating story behind the identity and wayfinding design for Venice Airport, and ended at the same studio with a series of fabulous presentations on London Underground signs.

Our speakers

We’d like to thank all our speakers who have contributed to delivering a diverse programme of SDS discussions:

• London Underground signs – Mark Ovenden, Tim Dunn and Ann Gavaghan (London Underground)
• Designing for an ageing population – Professor Andrea Tales (Swansea University) and Lucy Richards (StudioLR)
• The Big Debate – Tony Baugh (Wood & Wood), Colette Jeffrey (Birmingham City University), Mario Vieira (Scott Brownrigg), Ole E. Wattne (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Fran Raybould (FRA Creative)
• Contribution to placemaking – Nicholas Plunkett Dillon and Juliane Klemp (CSM Live) and Andy Altman (Why Not Associates)
• Pedestrian modelling – Francesco Angelelli (Atkins)
• Collaborate to innovate – Wesley Meyer (Gensler)
• Adventures of a Type Tourist – David Quay
• The British Rail Corporate Identity Manual – Wallace Henning
• Wayfinding for industrial estates – Jonathan Docksey (Design JD)
• Venice Airport identity & wayfinding – Sarah Owen (Pascall+Watson)

Our hosts

A big thank you also goes to our sponsor hosts – without your generosity none of this would be possible:

• Pascall+Watson
• Alan Baxter Associates
• Gensler
• Steer Davies Gleave
• Atkins.

Your ideas

We’re always keen to hear suggestions from members on topics they’d like to see covered or details about great speakers they’ve heard elsewhere. Please pass all details through to Kirstine (

NB If you could help with providing a venue we’d love to hear from you too.