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Welcome to the SDS new administrator

Portrait of Kate Wright the newly appointed SDS administrator

Kate Wright: New SDS Administrator

We’re delighted to announce that Kate Wright has been appointed as the new SDS administrator. Kate took up the reins just before the Easter break so is busy getting to grips with the role and understanding the sector.

Kate describes herself as one of life’s seekers. She has a first degree in Modern Foreign Languages, speaks Spanish and French and has worked across a range of fields, including supporting members of a professional STEM body, working in mental health research and most recently being a parenting forum editor. With an MSc in Research Methods, she is curious and inquisitive, keen on proven facts and has a theory about most things! She loves the challenge of the new, in particular learning about the psychology of human behaviour in the context of the wider physical world. With an observant nature and an eye for the detail in going about daily life, she is very much looking forward to converting her ‘lay’ experiences of SDS’s areas of interest into insider knowledge about this fascinating field and to finding out more about current work and research in this area.

You’ll get an opportunity to meet Kate in person at our forthcoming events (Dynamic Signage: 19th April; and Latest Academic Research in Map Design: 10th May). Details to follow shortly. Until then Kate can be contacted via