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BSI PAS6463 Design for the mind (neurodiversity and the built environment) draft version – public consultation

The BSI PAS6463 Design for the Mind – Neurodiversity and the Built Environment is now out for public consultation. Please share widely and feed back your comments via the BSI process (deadline for submission of comments is 4 November ’21). More info and to register to download the draft version for review and comment.

This PAS gives guidance on the design of the built environment to include the needs of people who experience sensory/neurological processing differences. The PAS gives guidance on buildings and external spaces for public and commercial use, and residential accommodation for independent or supported living.

Wayfinding is covered in PAS6463 along with lighting, acoustics, décor, flooring, layout, familiarity, clarity, safety,           thermal comfort, odour, preview of an environment, and other sensory design considerations.

This PAS is for use by designers, planners, specifiers, facilities managers and decision-makers on design and management considerations to make places more inclusive for everyone, by reducing the potential for sensory overload, anxiety or distress.

And if you want to find out more, why not book onto the 14 October (9.30am – 12.45pm) NRAC Seminar to hear Jean Hewitt (Buro Happold) give an overview on the technical components of the proposed new PAS standard, titled Design for the Mind, Neurodiversity and the Built Environment.